Czech Rep., Synthesia Pardubice - 1x80 t/h

Environmental improvement of energy source Teplárna Zelená louka in Synthesia a.s. Pardubice – 2nd Stage consists of replacement of existing pulverized coal fired boiler K13 with parameters 87 MWt, 125 t/h by a new steam boiler with combustion in circulating fluidized bed having output 55,23 MWt, 80 t/h. Project implementation ensures meeting of emission limits of SO2, NOx, CO and particulates required by the new EU directive under high efficiency and reliability of the new boiler.
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UK, North Yorkshire - 2x61 t/h

Delivery of two boilers for a municipal waste incinerating plant.
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Turkey, Bolu Goynuk - 2x373 t/h

Construction of two boiler houses with 2 x 373 t/h circulating fluidized bed boiler.
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Czech Rep., Třinec NK14 - 1x125 t/h

Construction of boiler house with circulating fluidized bed boiler 1 x 125 t/h in the premises of Energetika Třinec, a.s. (Czech Republic).
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Slovakia, Nováky K1 and K2 - 2x350 t/h

Denitrification of K1 and K2 Boilers
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