Třebovice Power Plant– Denitrification of K14, K13, K12 Boilers

Work on the project of Třebovice DeNOx K14, K13, K12 continues with denitrification of the last K12 boiler. Currently, there are being manufactured new parts of the boiler, which are gradually dispatched to the construction site to begin assembly work. Dismantling of the existing parts of the boiler is gradually being completed on the construction site, as they will be replaced by new manufactured parts within the scope of the subject of boiler reconstruction.

On 17.9.2019 the Annex No. 6 to the Contract for Work was signed with the customer Veolia Energie Czech Republic, which expands the scope of work to modify all three boilers for combustion of Polish fuel Silesia. As the additionally specified fuel that the customer plans to use over the long term has a high content volatile matters (39 ÷ 43%), it is necessary to take additional technical measures related to the combustion of Polish coal Silesia to ensure operational safety.

The additional measures consist of installing emergency coal powder discharges from coal powder bunkers, steaming (inertization) the mills, classifiers and cyclones, and inertization by recirculating the cleaned cold flue gas during start-up and shutdown of boilers to avoid the risk of an explosive atmosphere in the coal powder bunkers; coal mills, coal classifiers or cyclones. Continuous measurement of the oxygen concentration in flue gas of the mill circuits and continuous measurement of the carbon monoxide concentration in the coal powder bunkers will be used to assess the risk of the explosive atmosphere and will draw attention to the need to activate the measures. The expected date of completion of this part of the work for boilers K14, K13 is till 31.12.2019 and for boiler K12 till 24.7.2020.


Třebovice Power Plant

Třebovice Power Plant