Modernisations and Reconstructions, Emissions and NOx Reduction Equipment


Modernisations and Reconstructions – Basic Types:


A. Replacement or Modification of a Part of Combustion Equipment

  • Mills, burners, slag removal equipment,
  • Boiler: modification of evaporator, superheater, reheater, economiser and air preheater,
  • Replacement of damaged parts or of the complete boiler pressure system.

B. Fuel Conversion to Better Quality Fuels or Improvement of Combustion Efficiency of Noble Fuels

C. Improvement of Operational Reliability

E. Improvement of Efficiency

F. Emissions Reduction - NOx (Primary and Secondary Measures, SNCR, SCR), CO, Dust, etc.


In this way SES performs modernisations and reconstructions of boilers supplied by SES Tlmače but also in case of boilers of other manufacturers.