Equipment for Nuclear Plants

Examples of equipment delivered by SES for nuclear plants:

Equipment for Primary and Secondary Circuit of VVER 440

  • Fabrication of equipment for primary and secondary circuit began in the end of 70s with first complete components delivered in 1980.
  • From 40 complete parts of VVER 440 reactor 20 were fabricated in SES Tlmače, these were intended for proper reactor, auxiliary reactor equipment and reactor’s concrete shaft.

Equipment for Primary and Secondary Circuit of VVER 1000

  • Completion of manufacture of the equipment for VVER 440 reactor enabled the transition to manufacture of primary and secondary circuit equipment for the nuclear plant with VVER 1000 type reactor. 28 from 42 complete parts of this reactor were fabricated in SES Tlmače.
  • Concurrently with the manufacture of VVER 1000 reactor also the steam separators – steam superheaters SPP 1000 were fabricated. 4 units of this separator including collectors of separated steam and condensate were fabricated for Temelín nuclear plant in Czech Republic.

Inspection Container for VVER 440 Reactor 

Among the products intended for nuclear industry we may also mention the prototype of VVER 440 inspection container, so called concrete container. It was manufactured for the nuclear plant in Jaslovské Bohunice and it is used for inspections and repairs of the reactor’s pressure vessel.

As of now, we continue with manufacturing of modernised separation elements for nuclear plants.