Branch offices


SLOVENSKÉ ENERGETICKÉ STROJÁRNE, a.s. – organizační jednotka Brno  (Branch)

Ing. Pavel Tichý
Executive Manager

Mikulčická 2a, 627 00 Brno
Olomoucká 3419/9, 618 00 Brno (Head Office)
Czech republic

Ing. Přemysl Kól, Ph.D. – Director of the Branch, +420 724 404 420

Mgr. Světlana Holická – Commercial Director of the Branch, +420 731 425 682

Ing. Pavel Křemínský – Technical Director of the Branch, +420 737 262 915

Ing. Ivo Rybecký –  Director of Implementation of the Branch, +420 602 528 163

Description of activities:
Branch office in Brno is an engineering and supply company that deals with the design, supply, assembly and commissioning of energy units, mainly boilers. The portfolio of this branch office includes steam and hot water boilers burning gas, liquid and solid fuels. Inseparable part of the portfolio is also the reconstruction of existing boilers for other fuels, e.g. reconstruction of coal-fired boilers to gas or biomass fired boilers.

Power ranges of boilers:
Gas boilers                              up to 150 MWt (fuel: natural gas, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, etc.)
Oil boilers                                up to 150 MWt (TTO, LTO, ELTO, etc.)
Biomass boilers                      up to 60 MWt (wood chips, agro pellets, straw, contaminated biomass, etc.)
HRSG boilers                           up to 150 MWt
Boilers for waste incinerators     up to 60,000 tons of waste/year (municipal waste, TAP/RDF, etc.)