SLOVENSKÉ ENERGETICKÉ STROJÁRNE a.s. Tlmače will carry out the job order “Repair of B2 Unit” at Chvaletice Power Plant

SLOVENSKÉ ENERGETICKÉ STROJÁRNE a.s. signed a contract for work on the job order “Repair of B2 Unit” at Chvaletice Power Plant. The contract was signed on 30.4.2020 with the company Sev.en Engineering s.r.o., Chvaletice, the main contractor of the project for pre Sev.en EC, a.s. (Chvaletice Power Plant). The contract was signed on behalf and for SES by Ing. Dalibor Cucor, Commercial Director and Mgr. Milan Války, Financial Director. 

The signing of this contract ended a demanding two-year period during which the tender took place and, after the contract was awarded to SES, the contractual negotiations, too.  To succeed it was important to meet all the demanding technical requirements of the customer and, of course, to present a competitive price.

Preliminary acceptance of the work by the customer is planned on 18.10.2021. An assumption of completion of boiler parts production in SES is by the end of this year. The work on site is planned to be carried out from 1.5.2021 

For SES this represents a significant order in terms of reference for the future, because it is a repair of the boiler of 200MW unit.