Repair of B1 and B2 Units at Chvaletice Power Plant

After completion of engineering work, the project “Repair of B1 and B2 Units at Chvaletice Power Plant entered the phase of performance of work on the construction site.

The purpose of repair of B2 Unit, specifically Boiler K2, where SES a.s. participated in works, is to reduce emissions and to achieve the required NOx parameters and CO concentration in dry flue gas. The main scope of work to achieve the parameters consisted of modelling the combustion process with subsequent replacement of 6 powder coal burners of a new design and addition of new manifolds of combustion air OFA 2 connected to the nozzles of the combustion chamber.

During the planning there was used 3D scan technology of the existing premises of K2 boiler room, into which new routes of combustion air ducts were modelled to eliminate collisions with the installed technologies.

On April 1, 2021, based on the protocol the client 7ENG handed over the construction site to SES a.s. to commence dismantling works and activities for performance of diagnostics of the pressure system, MP and HP steam pipelines within the scope of the Option in accordance with the Contract of Work. The work on the construction site is managed by the site manager Juraj Medveď on behalf of SES a.s. and Milan Drozdík on behalf of SES ENERGY a.s. in coordination with other site management employees of SES and SES ENERGY 

Disassembly and assembly work of the technology is performed by SES ENERGY; insulation, steel sheathing, refractory brickwork, electric part and I&C is performed by Czech companies. 

Along with the dismantling works, the existing equipment of chain and rubber feeders, rolling redlers, main fittings, safety valves of evaporator and superheater are being repaired and the results of diagnostics processed by VZÚ Plzeň in cooperation with SES a.s. are continuously evaluated. On 9.6.2021, the dismantling work was completed by signing the protocol on completion of dismantling in accordance with the deadline according to the Contract of Work, thus fulfilling one of the important milestones.

In the next stage, the main activities will be focused on installation of non-pressure units and especially installation of the pressure system in order to meet the planned pressure test of the boiler by 18.7.2021. 

An important milestone will be completion of assembly work by 30.8.2021 and the subsequent start of pre-complex and complex testing with successful completion of guarantee tests and signing the Protocol on preliminary takeover of the plant as of 18.10.2021.