KVA BUSCHHAUS Project for ENV (Germany)

In October 2019, our company signed a contract with ENVIROTHETM GmBH (Germany) for KVA BUSCHHAUS projects (Helmstedt) located in Germany.  It involves the design, manufacture, supply and supervision during assembly and commissioning of a waste heat boiler pressure system downstream of sludge combustion technology (supplied by Envirotherm) + boiler supply system + condensate system.  In 08/2020, manufacture of the first package of deliveries Package 1 (Boiler) was completed and subsequently taken over by the client's representative. The last deliveries - Package 4 (Piping) were dispatched to the construction site in 03/2021. 
The boiler assembly within the scope of client´s work started at the end of 10/2020, the pressure test of the boiler was performed in 02/2021 with the participation of SES and NoBo. Subsequently, work continued on the boilers by assembling its parts. The commissioning was originally planned to start in 06/21 with the expected participation of other SES specialists.