Project Vera II

SLOVENSKÉ ENERGETICKÉ STROJÁRNE a.s. signed a contract for the VERA II Hamburg project. The contract was signed on 22 June 2022 with Steinmüller Engineering GmbH (Germany).  The contract was signed on behalf of SES by CEO and Chairman of the Board Ing. Lukáš Křítek and member of the Board of Directors Mgr. Ing. Mária Vrábelová.  This involves the design, manufacture, supply and supervision during the assembly and commissioning of a fluidised bed boiler with accessories for incineration of sludge from the municipal sewage treatment plants of the city of Hamburg. The boiler will be part of the fourth line, which will expand the capacity of the existing three lines by approximately 108,000 tonnes/year of sludge. It is a modern sludge disposal technology utilizing the thermal energy of sludge as well as extraction of phosphorus from sludge for further utilization.

Steam boiler with stationary fluidised bed will combust sludge with calorific value from 3.0 to 4.8 MJ/kg. A specific feature of this fuel is the increased temperature requirements of the combustion air, which will be heated up to 400 °C.

 By signing this contract, SES has strengthened its position in the German market as well as its favourable relations with the customer. There has been cooperation with this business partner in the past on a similar project in Buschhaus (Germany) - boilers for the combustion of sewage sludge are a modern and promising technology which is expected to be actively used in the near future. The signing of this contract marked the end of a challenging period of tendering and, following the award of the contract to SES, contract negotiations. To be successful, it was important to meet all the customer's demanding technical requirements and, of course, to present a competitive price.

Preliminary acceptance of the work by the customer is planned to be in August 2025. SES delivery is expected to be dispatched in September 2023.