Pulverised Coal Boilers

SES scope – the delivery of boiler house, condensation and regeneration system, high- and low pressure pipelines, water treatment and fuel treatment equipment.

This group of boilers includes:

Boilers with Dry Bottom Furnace

  • Their share on solid fuel firing boilers supplied by SES Tlmače is the highest.
  • The boilers with highest steam rate 1650 t/h were supplied for the power plant Mělník (Czech Republic) and power plant Shen-Tou (China).

Boilers with Wet Bottom Furnace

  • A significant project in this group was the delivery of lignite fired boilers with the steam output of 375 t/h for Kakanj power plant (Bosnia and Herzegovina). For this power plant we also supplied a boiler with the highest steam rate of 760 t/h.