Reducing emissions at ENERGETIKA TŘINEC

Our long-term customer Energetika Třinec is trying to eliminate the environmental emission burden. Stricter requirements for reducing emission limits according to new European legislation will also be ensured on operated fluidized bed boilers whose design, delivery and commissioning are the work of our company.

By mutual agreement concerning business and technical conditions of both companies, SES Tlmače undertook to design and to deliver technology to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides and sulphur.

The technology to reduce sulphur oxides consists of dosing limestone into the combustion chamber, which binds harmful sulphur in the process of combustion. In addition to the limestone unloading line, the delivery also includes internal pneumatic conveying lines for powder limestone led into larger conveyors by special nozzles and feeders. The connection of the limestone transport route into the combustion chamber requires creating a neck on the wall of the combustion chamber, which is intervention in the pressure unit of the boilers K11 and K12. The entire technology will be fully automated by the new control system.

Simultaneously with facilities for sulphur reduction, there will be implemented facilities for nitrogen oxide reduction, which will ensure dosing ammonia into flue gas passing through the heating surfaces of the boiler. 

The main equipment is a double-shell tank for ammonia water supply, metering pump, connecting pipes with fittings, mixing and distributing device for injection nozzles located on the flue duct walls of boilers K11, K12 and NK14. This technology will also be fully automated with the new control system

The modified boiler K11 shall be handed over to the customer by July 10, 2020, the boiler K12 by September 7, 2020 and the boiler NK14 by October 31, 2020. Less than a year to realize the mentioned work is not an easy task, but it is manageable by a joint effort of involved departments so that the reduction of emission limits during operation of fluidized bed boilers at Třinec meet the guaranteed values.