Implementation of DeNOx K11, K12, NK14 Project for Energetika Třinec Continues Successfully

In 2019, Slovenské energetické strojárne  signed a contract with Energetika Třinec for engineering, delivery, installation and commissioning with the characteristic title “Measures for NOx and SOx emissions reduction in fluidized bed boilers K11, K12 and NK14 of E3 Heating plant” to reduce nitrogen and sulphur oxide emissions.

By mutual agreement of both contract parties, SES Tlmače committed itself to design and supply technology to reduce emissions in accordance with European legislation.

The technology for reducing sulphur oxides consists in dosing limestone into the combustion chamber, which binds harmful sulphur in the combustion process. In addition to the transport route of limestone bottling, the subject of delivery is also the internal routes of pneumatic transport of limestone powder, which is filled into larger conveyors by means of special nozzles and feeders. Along with devices for sulphur reduction there was implemented equipment for reduction of nitrogen oxides, which the equipment will ensure ammonia dosing into flue gases that pass through the boiler heating surfaces. The main equipment is a double-walled tank for ammonia water supply, a dosing pump, connecting pipes with fittings, mixing and distribution equipment for injection nozzles located along the walls of the flue gas duct of boilers K11, K12 and NK14. Both technologies are fully automated with the new control system.

Design work started immediately after signing the contract for K11, K12 and NK14 successively. The disassembly and assembly of the common part began on 15.4.2020. Prior to this deadline, construction works were carried out, i.e. base plate under the new reagent tank. Disassembly and assembly work was carried out by SES ENERGY,a.s. employees. The delivery and installation of SOx was performed by ENVIRMINE Ostrava,a.s.

The modified boiler K11 was handed over to the customer for operation on 10.7.2020, the boiler K12 was handed over on 7.9.2020 and the boiler NK14  will be handed over for operation in November 2020. All deadlines are in accordance with the Contract for Work.

Less than a year to carry out the described work it was not an easy task, but it was manageable thanks to the joint efforts of the departments involved so that the reduction of emission limits in the operation of fluidized bed boilers in Energetiky Třinec meet the guaranteed values.